Okay. This is my first entry on my very own personal blog site. This is a change for me, from my past, where I use to host poetry blogs / websites. Now you will get a dose of my opinion about topics I find interesting.

Umflop!. It started out as a made up word to generally mean “Right On!” and then evolved into an all purpose word that can be used as a simple filler if need be. Like, one of those moments where you feel something should be said, but you do not know what to say. “Umflop.” Your vocal inflection defines whether “umflop” is ended with a period, question mark, or exclamation point.

How many of you thought upon seeing the name, Umflop!, that it was a new measure of data storage? One umflop = 1,000 terraflops?

Also, you may have noted that I use “Hullo” instead of standard USA greeting of “Hello.” If memory serves, I picked this usage up as a child from Winnie The Pooh. It stuck with me. I still use it. Very rarely does anyone comment about it or even notice.

So, this adventure has started.

Love & Light


2 thoughts on “Hullo

  1. Hullo! Umflop Kenneth P. Gurney! My first experience with umflop began in Milwaukee on Humboldt Blvd. It was early morning, my hair was all over my face. There was drool on the pillow. I awoke. “Umflop.”


  2. I noticed you use ‘hullo’ long ago, but contrary to popular culture these days, I never felt compelled to comment on it. We live in an age where perfect strangers have opinions on everything, whether invited or not. But since you asked :-), I have noticed. Umflop!


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