My latest collection of poetry, Layover, is now available on Amazon. I ordered 25 copies to send out to family and friends. The collection is the best poems I wrote in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Dianne helped me select them. She has a better sense of which of my pieces goes over well with the public.

In my recent communications with Johnny Olson, editor of Mad Swirl, I told him the book is closure on my poetry career. Because putting the book together took me ten times longer than with past books, I think this true. A reluctance to share the work formed in me as I assembled and formatted pages. I pushed past that feeling in time for a sense of completion.

2015 saw me start to pull away from the poetry scene. I did not enjoy it anymore. I attended events more out of supporting others than any desire to hear the spoken words. I thought is might be a phase, so kept attending and participating into 2016. Really, the fire is gone. The desire to jump through the poetry politics hoops to succeed in the field is not there inside me. So I stopped attending all together.  Well, I go to one or two events a year when close friends are the feature. I stopped submitting poems to publications as well not seeing the point.

The thought occurred to me it might be age and the decrease in physical/mental energy. Since turning 58 two years ago, my energy levels dropped. In some ways this is good. My mind does not race as much as in the past. It might be when EMDR cured most of my PTSD and accompanying daily panic attacks my mind slowed up not needing to compensate with energy and projects to survive the terrors of each day.

I watch the curved-billed thrashers dash about the yard doing their thing. They are wonderful. A nice diversion while writing this. The daffodils are up, but the tulips are not ready to bloom.

It turns out I still enjoy writing poetry and prose, but I share it with a very small number of people—three or four. None of the new work is sent out for publication.

To counteract everything I’ve just told you, I inform you my friend Joanne asked, and I said yes (it is hard for me to refuse Joanne these requests), to being a featured reader for the Southwest Writers celebration of National Poetry Month. The reading is on Tuesday, 17 April, 8pm (the business portion of their meeting starts at 7pm if you are a member), at the Southwest Writers meeting held in the Conference Room at New Life Presbyterian Church, 5540 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111. I am one of five poets. Each reader has 10 minutes.

Love & Light


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