Edward Bear

A long time ago I read the Tao of Pooh.
It taught me little about Taoism.
It deepened my appreciation of growing up with Winnie the Pooh.

I keep my Winnie the Pooh books face front on my bookshelves.
I keep my Tao of Pooh book in the used bookstore.
I keep my Te of Piglet book in the new bookstore un-purchased.

I nominate Winnie the Pooh for UN ambassador.
I know I am co-opting Winnie the Pooh from the Brits—
they had their chance and failed to nominate Pooh Bear for the UN.

I have not hugged a Pooh Bear in over a decade.
That explains much of what is wrong in my world.
The Disney version Pooh Bear is a treacherous corporate spy.

Instead of Jesus Saves, I printed posters with Winnie the Pooh Saves!
I teach a class that explains the five pillars of Pooh Bear.
Buddha sits under Pooh’s honey tree.

copyright 5 Apr 2018 Kenneth P. Gurney


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