Répondez, S’il Vous Plaît

I want to make a point about sex.
The point is very blunt.
Being blunt, the point does not penetrate.

Lack of penetration is a problem.
It is a marketing problem.
Are you in my target market?

I don’t know why it is called penetration.
It is not like a large glass shard entering a thigh.
That is penetration.

Sex should be called entering.
Entering requires an invitation.
Now you see the need for marketing.

My target market is women poets.
My target market is women artists.
These are the people I hang out with, thus easily targeted.

Many of them are lesbian.
All of them are not inviting—
I mean none of them have invited me over for sex.

That would be a little blunt if they did invite me over for sex.
Not coffee. Not a Scrabble game.
Not a poetry reading with other poets and libations.

Odd that I used the word libation:
a drink poured as an offering to a deity.
Is poetry our deity? Or sex?

Does it matter if I forget to RSVP
when the invitation arrives at my email in-box
for the pot-luck poetry party?

copyright © 2018 Kenneth P. Gurney



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