Odds & Ends

My deep thinking needed a break, so a little light thinking for your consideration.

The latest album I purchased was “Church of Scars” by Bishop Briggs.

I recently learned about Bublr bicycle sharing. It looks like a great idea, if the stations are at activity hubs. My sister tells me they are very popular in Milwaukee.

On driving through rural America I observed that if a town is large enough for one gas station, down the block it has a Dollar General. My sense (not scientific or based on real observation) is that it takes at least five gas stations for a town/city to earn a Walmart.

I find that I wish the news would simply report facts and interpretations (conservative or progressive) of those facts and get rid of all the speculation from opinion writers. It took only 3 months of having a subscription to the Washington Post to come to this conclusion. More hard news please.

Also, on that line, I wonder how much real news is not being reported because of all the smoke Trump & Company blow into our eyes. I have read that cable news has profited greatly from the Trump blown smoke of the day, but I don’t think covering Stormy Daniels to the great degree the news has covered her has really helped inform the country of what we need to know on the political front.

The book I am currently reading is “Tower Lord” by Anthony Ryan. It is well written fantasy—it is a page turner. It is the 2nd book of a 3 book series. I needed a break from history reading and got myself drawn into a fantasy trilogy.

I use to be so precise about color that I could tell you my favorite color was Pantone 301 a shade of blue. Being that precise (or selective) is not that important any more. My favorite color is any green on a growing plant with the exclusion of lima bean green. Lima bean green works on luna moths, but not on beans. What can I say.

On long drives, I like to put my iPhone music to the Beatles and hit shuffle play. It is all 9 albums. After three years I have yet to hear “Paperback Writer.”

Recently I drove a flat rural highway with a speed limit of 55 mph. My 2011 Prius got 54 miles per gallon under those conditions. On the interstate going 80 mph on the flat, I get about 42 miles to the gallon. Oh, well.

Love & Light



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