Poem — 28 May 2018

LeBron James Sonnet

I watched LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers game six playoff contest against Boston last night for about two minutes.

After turning the game off, I ask myself if there was a better plot device to be employed by the game to capture my interest.

No plot device came to mind and I failed to admit to myself that I do not really care much for basketball.

I think it would be great if the NBA & WNBA joined together to form a coed league. All the players who did not make last cut for the teams would play in the coed league.

I figure LeBron James slam dunking over Maya Moore would not have the “wow!” factor to make a Sports Center highlight.

I wonder if LeBron James gets pulled over for driving while black?

I wonder if LeBron James gets pulled over for driving while being LeBron James for autographs.

My friend Paul finds poetry in basketball. I think my problem is I seek poets in basketball.

Does LeBron James slam dunk haiku? Does Maya Moore swish three-point sonnets?

Too much of the most recent basketball season was spent by sports analysts pondering LeBron’s free agency choices without the benefit of a ouija board or tarot deck or limericks or ghazals.

I wonder if LeBron James has ever read Walt Whitman?

I wonder if Walt helped James Naismith write the rules to Basketball at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts that eighteen-eighty-one December?

I bet LeBron James never slam dunked a basketball through a peach basket nailed to a balcony.

My friend Paul informs me Mike Trout is the LeBron James of baseball, which implies baseball is not America’s game anymore.


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