6 Sep 2018 Poem

Joan of Arc’s Alter Egos

Joan of Parabola.
Joan of Line Segment.
Joan of Cotangent.
Joan of Equilateral Triangles.
Joan of Pythagorean theorem.

Joan of Tabloid Exploits.
Joan of You Tube Memes.
Joan of Trending on Twitter.
Joan of Infowars.
Joan of Washington Post.

Joan of Red Tape.
Joan of the Bottom Line.
Joan of Quarterly Reports.
Joan of Wall Street.
Joan of Federal Reserve.
Joan of Congress.

Joan of Algonquin.
Joan of Cheyenne.
Joan of Iroquois.
Joan of Lakota.
Joan of Narragansett.
Joan of Navajo.
Joan of Nez Pierce.
Joan of Pueblo.
Joan of Seneca.
Joan of Zuni.

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