10 Sep 2018 poem


Around the Buddhist Center
I set traps to capture Stillness.
It was live traps I set.
Stillness pelts have a very low market value.

The first bait I used
was hand-written copies of Basho’s haiku,
but no Stillness was trapped that night.

The second bait I used
was Enya recordings,
but, again, no Stillness was encaged.

The third item I used to bait the traps
were children sized snow angels.

Each of these nights,
not wishing to scare Stillness away,
I silently sat and waited for the click-snap
to shut the open gate,
while I relaxed against a Sycamore trunk,
listened to the night sounds
and gave the visible stars
and constellations new names
such as Winnie the Pooh and Snoopy.

On the fourth night with dried Datura blossoms
placed into the live trap to attract Stillness,
I relaxed so much into the Sycamore trunk
that it partially absorbed me for the night.
I felt water draw up roots from the earth
and became comfortable
with all the little creepy-crawly,
furry, and winged creatures
that call a tree home.

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