26 Sep 2018 poem

How To Walk On Water

It is easiest to wait for Winter’s freeze,
but believers want a miracle—
something visual for sharing on social media.

The trick is to possess a horizontal frame of mind
while vertical on bare feet—
soles slathered with Vaseline for added buoyancy.

The believers insist on walking,
not just standing—
running would be better if this exhibition fails.

The walking must be in many directions
to prove there is no plexiglass support
beneath the water’s surface.

The walking must maintain the tops of the feet
above the water’s surface, otherwise
they will believe the walker channels a duck.

The rules do not allow the use of cattails as hiking sticks.
The rules do not allow participants to skate on oak leaves.
The lake murmurs encouragement. Hear it deeply.

Through all your attempts remember
what it was like as a baby learning to be a toddler.

You will fall down that many times and more
before you get the hang of walking on water.



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