Reactions to Kavanaugh Hearing

This entry is my reaction from the 27 September 2018 judicial hearing about allegations of sexual assault by supreme court nominee Kavanaugh that were televised.

I did not watch Dr. Ford’s four hours. I already believed her story.

I did watch most, but not all, of Kavanaugh’s time before the senate judicial committee. His aggressive demeanor and evasions pissed me off too much to remain in the TV room the whole time.

To me Kavanaugh came across as a privileged white guy jerk, who knew the lines he rehearsed that his privileged old white guy mentors coached him to speak. He came across as a guy who did exactly what those women claimed and was pissed that it did not stay in the dark closet of his past and might disrupt his future ambitions.

Just because Kavanaugh has academic honors and played basketball at Yale, does not mean he did not also drink and behave badly as alleged. But he kept reciting those facts as a desperate mantra to waste time and evade direct answers. When I attended University the sports team members were some of the school’s heaviest drinkers—in general they were responsible enough not to over drink when they did not have the next day off. Many were dean’s list in their academics.

Kavanaugh’s aggressive, bullying manner when sober gave credence to the women’s allegations of his likely behavior when drunk.

His shouts of partisanship on the Dem’s part and what goes around comes around causes me to think he will be an incredibly biased and aggrieved judge with a score to settle who will not vote on the merits of any given case if he is voted in to the supreme court.

I jaw dropped when Lindsey Graham displayed his anger quite openly about the whole day’s events. Kavanaugh’s treatment bothered Graham so greatly he yelled, pointed fingers and turned red, even though Graham has reacted so calmly to every school shooting that left children dead and was nearly passive when it came to light that immigrant children where separated from parents and held in cages. Where was that damnation and hellfire attitude for justice for the common man and human rights?

I found myself angry at Kavanaugh playing the aggrieved card for what I think he perceives as a hickup in his conformation and what his family has gone through. I wanted to know how many death threats he received? Did he have to move out of his home because of threats as Dr. Ford had to relocate? Then I drifted toward my reasoning deep end and found myself angry that this SOB was whining so much even though no police had arrested him, or beaten him while in custody or killed him while arresting him as has happened to so many men of color.

Also, I found myself angry with the Democrat senators who kept asking the FBI investigation question over and over to the same non-answer.  Did anyone ever ask if Kavanaugh had gone through AA? Or was that a known fact from his statement and I missed it?

I found myself angry that senator Kennedy of Louisiana brought God into the hearing as if a belief in God causes the truth to be spoken. I wonder if Kavanaugh was Jewish or Muslim would Kennedy bring God into the hearing? Or take Kavanaugh’s response as gospel?

How about Hatch saying Dr. Ford was attractive and pleasant. I just shook my head in disbelief.

It is my fool’s hope that all US women of voting age, regardless of party, will refuse to vote GOP for the next three elections. Okay, that is not fair to down ballot contests for local and state level elections, but I am writing this slightly pissed off eighteen hours after the hearings closed.

I find, since Trump’s election, that I am sick of old white guys (and women) in office. I want new blood. I want fresh ideas. I want a government whose faces reflect our national diversity (both racial and financial). I want a much lower national debt. I want health care I can reasonably afford. I want equality under the law for all Americans. I want privilege laws struck from the books. I want the National Park Service fully funded by congress—pet project of mine.

Oh well. That is enough steam released that I do not fear the brain-kettle will explode.

Love & Light





2 thoughts on “Reactions to Kavanaugh Hearing

  1. I had the same reactions that you did, Ken, though I did watch Christine Blasey Ford through misty eyes. We are at a sad time in our country’s history; it feels the clock has been been wound back to 1950, when racism was open, white privilege assumed, and men held sway in every matter large or small. Small minds and even smaller hearts now prevail, hate no longer lurks below the surface or tucked away from view but has bubbled openly back to the surface of national discourse.


  2. Dear Kenneth, it seems your rant was heard in Washington DC, as now the FBI is going to do a little investigating. No matter what, I don’t want to see a partisan, angry, entitled-feeling white male on the Supreme Court. Jean

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