1 Oct 2018 poem

My Selfishness

I poured all my selfishness into September
with no time for anyone else that month.

Unfortunately, my selfishness was too large to fit in September
and carried on until October fifth.

My visual acuity is not so good with intangible volumes.
Or, maybe, my perception of time is larger than the actuality of time.

I stuffed September with my selfishness,
because I believed the world has a plan for me

that I must be open to
so I may get out of my own way.

I thought of my method as an indulgent stripper bachelor party
before I wedded the fate the world planned for me.

If the world presented its plan in September,
I fear I missed its power point projection from a seaside lighthouse.

My selfishness brought me to a rounded stone beach
not far from a spiral striped lighthouse

for the resonance of receding waves
as they nudged and flowed over and around clicking rocks.

Man made objects washed to the beach
disrupted the resonance of the receding waves,

so I picked up all the plastics I could
in their various tide abused states of deconstruction.

Three naked and injured Barbies I set aside for the proper burial
of some anonymous children’s dreams.

I created a second pile of broken glass
tumbled smooth and opalescent by the sea—

The sea-glass could have remained among the stones
for local jewelry artisans to find and treasure,

but my selfishness had a few remaining drops
that deeply desired to rest in a recovered Coke bottle

once I assembled it
from the sea-sculpted menagerie of broken pieces.


Love & Light


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