8 Oct 2018 poem

And Bunny Rabbits

You lived too loudly
and the earth trembled
whenever you neared me
and I thought,
This is the end of the silence
I so carefully cultivated
through the long growing season.

Your footsteps so compress the earth
that your footprints are crusted
in diamonds and other hard gemstones
and crystalline formations
and I thought,
This is the end of my poverty.
I shall not miss it.
What heavy subjects weigh on you?

Your passing assent
through the clouds into the blue sky
caused me to wonder,
Are you the second Child of the Christian God
who brushed by me
while taking a terrestrial inventory
of important things
like sea monsters, sand pipers and bunny rabbits.

copyright © 2018 Kenneth P. Gurney

This poem was written after rereading “The Tenor of Your Yes” by Mary Ruefle, from her book “Indeed I Was Pleased With The World“.  Ever since poet Robert Arthur Reeves introduced me to Mary Ruefle’s work, I have been a fan. If you enjoy seeing the world differently and writing that expresses that other-vision, I suggest you check out Ruefle’s books.



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