30 Oct 2018 poem

Frankincense Masked Unwashed Bodies

The Christ cried for the first time
after the Magi departed.

Gabriel did not warn Mary the Christ would cry.

His wails came from the sudden understanding
he existed simultaneously in both the sinful world and in heaven.

Neither Gabriel nor the Magi left notes on how to deal with this paradox.

Joseph chattered about a scroll describing the Socratic Method
while he practiced his carpentry trade.

Working alone, he took both sides of the debate.

The Christ overheard Joseph’s examination and elimination
of numerous contradictory hypotheses and stopped crying.

None of this affected the juniper-pine fragrances entering the house.

Mary, mother of God, was pleased
the magi’s gift of gold was used to pay off the mortgage,

instead of being invested in a Nabatea land speculation scheme.

A magpie landed upon the window sill
and looked in to view the Christ swaddled and sleeping.

The magpie did so very quietly.



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