Election Day 2018

I trust all of you voted or will vote later in the day. I voted early—the second day early voting was allowed in New Mexico.

I do hope the blue wave is real. I hope women see large gains in holding office. I hope minority office seekers win. There is no guarantee women or minorities will be better than the current office holders, but I believe the “old guard” Democrats and Republicans have failed the U.S. over the last thirty to forty years and to leave them in charge is to fail more.

I think the electorate has to examine the country’s political system and work to revise it. The Democrats and Republicans are effectively Coke & Pepsi. They want no new companies in the market as competition and make more money when they are at odds, even though their is very little difference between the two.

Duopoly. “A situation in which two suppliers dominate the market for a commodity or service.” (copied out of the online Oxford Living Dictionary—Link).

Do not forget that our political parties are private entities that are in the business of campaigning and government. (I wonder if anyone has initiated a Sherman anti-trust action against the two-party system for being a non-competitive Duopoly and preventing other parties from easily entering the market place?)

In the U.S., we are raised on the idea that competition is good for the market place. In this case the market is government. Yet, we are limited to two choices that are very similar. They are similar in that their concern for the American People seems to me less than their concern for retaining power. Both parties seem to wish to obstruct the other party more than accomplish tangible good for the country.

I agree with those of you who think the Republicans are worse than the Democrats on this score. The Republicans have fallen into lying and cheating at such fantastical scales that it seems to me they have adopted the 1930s Nazi party tactics. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, blatantly spreading falsehoods (often easily proved false), encouraging violence, and fear mongering.

Both parties operate with near monopoly powers. In 2016, the Democrats refused to share voter data with Bernie Sanders for several crucial weeks (months?). It seemed like the Democrats had predetermined to have Hillary Clinton as their candidate. They twice prevented candidate Lawrence Lessig from participating in the debates, even though he qualified to participate—last minute qualification changes prevented him from debating both times. It was vile that the party suppressed a valid candidate from the debate. The voters are suppose to choose the candidate, not the party predetermining the candidate.


The media has been pathetic this midterm campaign. From Fox news spreading outrageous propaganda to out right lies to the liberal media fixation on Trump’s absurdities, tantrums and diversions. The Media’s failure to cover healthcare issues, national debt issues, explaining in detail the economic difference between nationalism and globalism with experts telling how each will effect the U.S. and so on, appalls me.  It is like the media forgot they are suppose to educate the populace and dig for the truth. It is like the media forgot they can think for themselves and decide not to repeat what either party says over and over without sufficiently and presenting the truth 10-times more than the lies, so the truth takes hold in people’s minds.

I have no problem with a media outlet being biased toward one party or the other. Facts should be facts and incontrovertible. Interpretations of facts are variable and reasoned arguments should be made in all directions.

The immigrant caravan.  Eight thousand people who are seven hundred miles away should not pose a threat to a country of three-hundred-ten million, yet the press has allowed Trump to paint them as a threat. The press allowed this story to dominate when it is a minor story.

The press can chose to ignore the President. The press should remember: garbage in—garbage out. When the President speaks garbage the press can refuse to cover it.


Among people I am acquainted with the near desperation for their side to win is worrisome to me. Are we as a people so divided?  Have are political parties divided us on purpose? If yes, did they divide us so we would pump far more donations into their campaign coffers. Political parties are businesses and I believe they desire to make a profit one way or another. They are far from paragons of virtue.

I have met many people who are one-issue voters. The most numerous one-issue voter I meet is the Republican who is anti-abortion. They will put up with anything number of atrocities to save those babies.


Me. I am a fiscally responsible liberal who believes government should help shore up the bottom of the economic pyramid. Government should be pro-people. Business and Corporations are not people. Education should be viewed as an investment, not a price gouging loan shark opportunity.

The government should be smarter on business using publicly financed R&D. The government developed the internet and the government should charge a fee to business to use the internet platform, instead of counting on prying taxes out of the businesses who squirrel profits away out of country. Even more so with drug development and other medical research.

The national debt worries me. The interest payments on the debt are now larger than the defense budget ( > 600-billion-dollars). That money could be put to so much better use. One future day the country will need to borrow money only to find no lenders or lone-shark high interest rates.

Social Security and Medicare have to be dealt with and the two parties have known this for forty years. Yet, neither party has had the political will to wade in and solve the problem that people now live 15+ years longer and the programs were never set up to deal with this longer life span.


Okay. I have gone on long enough for today.  Please vote for the candidates of your choice.

Love & Light



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