The midterm elections were a few days ago. Blue wave. Yeah. Not up to the expectations I was lead to believe, but good enough to take the House.

What I am most happy about is the massive increase in women representatives whether senate or the house. Whether Democratic or Republican. I think that a close to equal (50/50) split of men to women representatives will benefit the country by creating better functioning government and laws. I hope the increase in women representatives continues in the next election until this near balance is achieved.

I fear the representation of poor people in congress is still extremely low, if not non-existent. Most candidates come out of the top third of the economy. It is my belief people who have never experienced poverty can never write effective law or policy to improve the lives of the people living in poverty. Too much “victim blaming” by the well-to-do at the unfortunate goes on in this country.

An idea I have heard and am mentally testing out is representation forced to cover all racial and economic portions of the country. If 12.3% of the country is African American, then 12.3% of the representatives are African Americans. 16% of Americans live in poverty, so 16% of the representation would be by candidates who live in poverty at the time of the election. At this point of my mental exercise, I do not know how the overlap is dealt with. My thought is that the constitution guarantees equal treatment under the law, yet our representatives via color, gender, and income do not represent the U.S. equally. If you have thoughts on this let me know, so I may expand my thinking on this topic.

In ancient Greece, the birthplace of democracy, representatives were chosen to think up new and better laws, but each law went before the entire electorate for a vote before it was instituted into law or dropped into the waste bin of history. I know I would like that even though it would mean studying up for several weeks before the election.


Love and Light




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