13 Nov 2018 on my mind

A bit of my mind is on California and the people struggling with the impact of the fires and on the health and well being of the fire fighters. Our Malibu friends are safe and, as of this morning, their house is a few miles from the current fire line. Also my mind attempts to reduce the wind speed over California. I hope this mental exercise is more productive than my recent attempts to solve ordinary differential equations just to see if I still had it in me as I did during my three semesters of university calculus.

I have not forgotten you east coast hurricane and Puerto Rico hurricane survivors. I feel I need to place a little more money where my mouth (thought) is and send in another $25 to the Red Cross relief efforts.

The Republicans crying “voter fraud” smells of desperation to me. In the U.S. the burden of proof is on the accuser and no proof has been offered. Has the republican party fallen away from the idea democracy? Are they so afraid of “others” holding power and treating them like they have treated others?  Maybe they have that much to hide.

The past week marked eighteen months since I dropped out of the Albuquerque poetry scene. It was the right move for me. Reciprocity: I lost my desire to listen to the other poets, to stay to the end. I view an open mic or poetry slam as a social contract. For listening to my poems be read aloud (or recited), I must listen to all of the other poets who choose to spend their time at the venue.

Earlier this year I stopped sending poems out for publication as well. I reached the point where getting published in magazines and anthologies held little meaning to me.

I wonder if my lessons-learned in letting go of ego to improve my life contribute to this withdrawal from the poetry rat race. When being famous or well known or even respected in your field ceases to have more importance than remembering to say please and thank you, the gumption to do the work involved in submitting poems to publications falls away.

Thanks Dianne for relating to me your readers’ digest versions of Eckhart Tolle readings and recordings.

Wow. I used the word gumption. I wonder what brain-closet that popped out of. Its been so long since I used gumption in a sentence the word might as well have fallen out of the dictionary for the last dozen years ago or so.

At the end of the first day of the battle of Stones River in Tennessee (31 Dec 1862), after being hammered pretty bad by a Confederate attack on his right flank, General Rosecrans of the Union Army decided to retreat under the cover of darkness. Upon spotting campfires behind the Union lines while organizing the retreat, he decided retreat was impossible, due to being nearly surrounded. He chose to stay and fight the next day. What Rosecrans did not know was that those camp fires near the Union rear were made by the Union Army’s cavalry disobeying orders not to make campfires. The union army goes on to win a stubborn victory by the end of 2 Jan 1863.  Misinterpretation of what is right before the eyes affects history every day.

Have a productive day my readers.


Love and Light




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