The Democrats took the House in the midterm election. Now they are maneuvering to determine who will be the next speaker of the house. Nancy Pelosi, the previous Democrat speaker of the house, works to be speaker again. Other democrats work to unseat her.

Personally, I do not wish to see Ms. Pelosi as speaker. I have soured on people from my generation (baby boomers) as leaders for this country. I feel the last twenty to thirty years of baby boomer leadership has been fairly abysmal and contentious for the country. So I want new blood, with new ideas, with new energy.

Whoever is picked requires enough experience to navigate the politics to get things done, but not so much experience that they are rooted into the old conflicts, instead of compromise. I do not care if the next speaker is a man or a woman. I do not care about their racial or religious background. I do care if they are effective.

The problem with any new person who is promoted to speaker is that future performance cannot be predicted when new responsibilities are involved.

Another problem may be that whoever is chosen as speaker will have the same old republicans blocking the way forward to reasonable compromise. Maybe the newly elected republicans will be less obstructive, maybe not.

Time will tell.

Love & Light



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