28 Nov 2018 poem


Picture the famous photograph of George Brinton McClellan.
The Young Napoleon posing as the real Napoleon.

Add your own description based on your current knowledge
of the man, of the general, of the presidential candidate, of the governor.

It does not matter if your details are real or true
or on a tangent to your truck with its customized paint job.

The photo is in public domain. We can make prints
and mark Groucho mustaches in thick, black, Sharpie strokes.

Mathew Brady retouched. George’s history could use
a bit of retouching, but not colorizing.

His letters to his wife, Ellen, are color enough
for any historian, for any tabloid lover of the Original Gorilla.

copyright © 2018 Kenneth P. Gurney

Note: the “Original Gorilla” was one of McClellan’s derogatory references to President Abraham Lincoln.

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