Holiday Message

Well. Christmas day arrived. Just like every other day really. It was four a.m. when I woke (early to bed, early to rise is just the way I am). Our studio houses me each morning after rising, so I do not wake Dianne with typing and lights and a little music if I play some. I am more of a solstice person myself, but I appreciate all the different religious versions of shortest day commemorations of the return of light in all their various forms.

My holiday wish for all of my readers is that each of you succeed in discarding all those learned and society enforced behaviors that are not really who you are, so you become fully (100%) yourself. To aid this wish in manifesting, I waved my magic wand (which today looks like pink bunny ears) so the constant bravery required to be oneself 24/7 is available in your personal skill set.

Ah. Dianne (she is so wonderful) just delivered my Earl Grey tea in a cup with a Roosevelt Elk printed on the side above the words Olympic National Park. Lovely place. I once lived adjacent to the park for four years. I hope at one point in your life you get the chance to visit the park and cash in a few Karma points (I know karma does not work that way, but…) and thus convince the elk to let you see them.

Love & Light.


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