Dimmed by lacy cloud cover,
the North Star blues the visage
of suicidal ghosts
as they slurp the isolation
of the digital cloud.

Might as well gnaw their own bones through
to free themselves
from the bleached pallor
of midnight screens
as opaque sighs settle in tossed covers.

This floating island
remains anchored in a claustrophobic studio.
A box that fails to shut out the voices
of the recent dead
and the doubt they express
carted about in carved-stone backpacks.

copyright © 2018 Kenneth P. Gurney


In Albuquerque today we experience our first ever recorded blizzard. This is the first ever recorded snow storm that qualifies as a blizzard. 4″ of snow cover the ground. Winds blow from 25 to 35 mph. The wind chill is at 6° at eight in the morning when I type this.

My bones remember this type of weather from growing up in Chicagoland, but my bones are older now and do not care for this type of weather, no matter how beautiful the snow on the mountains or the cityscape draped in white.

I had thought to walk through the snow to my favorite cafe for writing, but the conditions cause me to think I will hunker down in the warmth of my poetarium for writing and reading.

Love & Light


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