Conditional Love

If you decide to join me,
the following conditions apply.

Dandruff shakes free from my goatee to speckle my dark shirts.
My hair will never return to its youthful mop.

The dot that represents me
cannot be found on or under the bell curve.

My money is my money. Not yours.
I will treat your money as your money. Not mine.

I was born a Scorpio.
I remain a Scorpio, today.

I joined the digital age in the nineteen-seventies.
I have not updated my operating system in the past five years.

I have not shaken free of all the everyday racism I grew up with,
because it was normal, accepted, and oblivious.

I exercise my white privilege regularly.
It needs to stay in shape to serve me well.

I have days when I am stupid.
I have days when I tell several really bad puns.

If you do something wrong, I will forgive you.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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