Glory fell out of the sky
and dropped into Paul’s baseball glove
while Paul searched the sky
for popups from an imaginary game
where all the greats who ghosted
out of the cornfield and onto
the Field of Dreams in Iowa.

The thud and sudden weight in his glove
surprised Paul into singing
popular minstrel songs among Union soldiers
in the American Civil War
while marching the countryside
of Northern Virginia.

Glory appeared black in Paul’s glove
instead of white like a baseball,
but Paul respected the unwritten rules of the game
as much as he respected the King James Bible,
the Constitution of the United States,
and his complete collection of Spider Man comics.

Paul took Glory out of his glove
and tossed it up and down a little as if testing its feel,
wondered where the red lace seems resided,
why its hide felt like the stones of Arlington
and the scent of lilies filled the air about it.

Glory tired of Paul not doing anything important
and flew back up into the sky
before the baseball playing ghosts spotted it
and the echo of Christy Mathewson and Hank Greenberg
called them away to a greater duty.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Christy Mathewson was a hall of fame pitcher who served in WWI. He was accidentally gassed during a chemical weapons training exercise.

Hank Greenberg was a all star first basemen. He served in WWII in the air force over in the China Burma theater. He was the first major league player to join the military service to fight.

The Field of Dreams was both a movie and a ball field outside Dyersville, Iowa. Being a baseball fan, I just assume you have seen the movie since it is one of the best baseball movies ever.

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