We are all sinners.
Or so I am told.
It all depends on who is empowered
to define the term.
I hope it is not white men anymore.
I hope it is not Coyote or Loki.

Now I find myself asking,
when does sinning become truly wicked.
I would say it is when you do something
to someone, instead of with them.
I hope my friends create clear and present boundaries.
I hope they always say No to mean No.

Then there is the issue of divine law
verses the changing mores of modern society.
Thank goodness for my LGBT friends.
And my over-sexed philandering friend.
And my friends who cuss up a blue streak.
And my football hotdog stand work of the Sabbath friend.
And my tarot reading, palm reading and phrenologist friends.

We are all sinners.
We all are oysters with some irritant-behavior
around which we build a lustrous pearl.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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