No More Free Soup

The plumbing broke.
The cloudless sky started to drip water.
The cloudless sky dripped potato leek soup.

A celebration moved to the basement.
A celebration groaned, confined in the basement.

The basement walls bulged with victory.
The basement walls burst.
The victory celebration gushed all over the neighborhood.

A nearly invisible disembodied hand worked on the cloudless sky.
A nearly invisible crescent wrench tightened a pipefitting.
A nearly invisible pipefitting sealed.

The cloudless sky ceased dripping.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Happy Spring everyone. I am informed it started yesterday late in the afternoon, Albuquerque time. It seems I must pay better attention to the TV announcers and differentiate between “First day of Spring” and “First full day of Spring”.

I watched Ichiro play his final innings as a professional baseball player on ESPN this morning. I must admit a tear came to my eye when he was pulled from the game in the 8th inning so fans and ballplayers could lavish affection and appreciation upon him. He should be a unanimous vote into the baseball hall of fame in five years when he is eligible.

So, the regular start of the baseball season arrives soon. Should be a national holiday or a religious holiday.

My bracket is filled out for March Madness, NCAA basketball tournament. Filling out the bracket has become its own rite of Spring. I have New Mexico State making it to the Sweet Sixteen and Michigan winning it all. Last year my picks were 42% accurate in the first round.

Love & Light


2 thoughts on “No More Free Soup

  1. A nice welcome to the airy halls of spring…much of which is “nearly invisible” but moves with purpose, nonetheless.


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