I found Paul’s blues
behind a pair of New Balance running shoes
in Dora’s walk-in closet.

They required some baking soda to freshen them up.
Both were grass-stained.

Paul’s blues hid two tarnished pennies,
a wrong number phone conversation,
and a yellowed newspaper clipping of high school football glory.

If you cock your left ear higher than your right,
you hear the enraged weeping of Paul’s blues,
jetting outward from a hole turning black.

That same blues
Picasso found for Guernica.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Link to Wikipedia page for Guernica.

My guess is most people will find the sorrow of an unfulfilled life and the bombing of Guernica to be different types of blues. It is the feeling of devastation one feels at loss. My take is that there is a point where a large loss, like Guernica, hits a limit in the human ability to feel. So the devastation from the loss of a thousand is really no larger than the loss of one.

As I look at the previous paragraph, I realized I hope none of you have experienced large losses, thus could counter my thought.

My thought comes from my experience in 1990 when my daughter died, my marriage broke apart, and nine friends died due to AIDs, suicide and accidents. After the second loss, it all became a blur. Maybe the difference was how long it took to come out it. I don’t know. Twenty-nine years on and I do not think I have constructed a full 360° view of that year of my life. Maybe God designed us that way.

Love & Light


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