What if Eve was first?
What if Eve was the earth and she sprang fully formed from thought?

What if Adam was the afterthought?
What if Adam was shaped with mud, straw and the bones of a baboon?

What if Moses was snapped up by a crocodile
while floating downstream in a basket?

What if Mary helped Joseph lift a roof joist into place
when Gabriel visited their home?

What if the Magdalene was an investment firm CEO?
What if she chose not to support Jesus’ startup?

What if the Christ was a girl?
What if she inspired girls to rise up and overthrow the Temple?

What if Paul remained Saul, a blind beggar filled with nightmares?
What if Paul leveraged the Apocalypse by the end of his life?

What if the Twelve Disciples were a barnstorming baseball team?
What if they regularly lost to the Israelite House of David baseball team from Benton Harbor, Michigan?

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


The Israelite House of David was a commune with a really, really good baseball team. To read more here is an article from The Guardian. Ken Burns’ documentary on Baseball mentions them as well.

Once upon a time, I read an analysis of the biblical Paul and that he believed the Apocalypse would happen in his life time. After several internet searches I cannot find any reference to this interpretation, so my poem’s line “What if Paul leveraged the Apocalypse by the end of his life?” is not backed up right now. My take was Paul was trying to leverage the end for his own benefit and power within the church. Whether he truly believed it, I don’t know, but assume he did.

There are theories that Mary Magdalene funded Jesus’s ministries. Here is one article, there are others.

I have never liked the male domination of the bible or the modern social structure. My view up into the 1500s is that life was a team effort by all family members to provide the family with a living. Lose either the husband or wife and it collapses or endures tremendous hardships. The loss of a child who is of working age would be economically difficult as well.

There I times I think History is written too often by bitter old men with extreme bias. To the victor goes the spoils and the most valuable of the spoils is writing the history from your point of view.

I feel I begin to ramble.

Love & Light


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