When my brother died at thirteen,
I worried I had very little time left,
since I so much wanted to be like my brother.
I decided to do everything.
Since there was so little time,
I tried to do everything at once.
I failed to do everything concurrently
and accomplished absolutely nothing except creating a huge mess.
I attempted multi-tasking on an industrial scale,
but my abilities at changing tasks
did not coincide with minuscule time frames
available for each task fitting the definition of everything.

My attempts were observed by no one.
My living brother and sister were away at university.
My living parents were hard at work in one fashion or another.
My neighborhood friends were too busy
eating cake and ice cream at birthday parties
and arguing over who got to be Ernie Banks
in the neighborhood baseball games.

Most everything I tried to do comes from my imagination.
My imagination was hyper-active and successful
at most of the everythings my mind and body
was not capable of doing
since I was four years old going on five.
My imagination’s only failure
was making my dead brother alive again and turning fourteen
so we could eat some cake and ice cream together.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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