Thursday City

Albuquerque sparkles. Dusky light glinted
from an afternoon monsoon’s residual raindrops.
Heat and steam thicken the air.
The prickly pear and cholla swell, as does the river.

On a storefront television, bleeding leads the news.
Guns and abandonment—
the over-prescribed opioid war claims another street corner.
So many human shells expended without conscience.

The long fuse of immigrants burns with hope.
Trumpets blare Mariachi infusions.
We lean into each other, hold hands, kiss.
Ducks appear motionless against the Rio Grande current.

The setting sun finally calms its blush.
Street lamps bathe all in a honey glow.
The low-riders parade and pause on Central.
A santero displays his saints, apple-like, in a cart.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Happy Easter everyone. Whether it is a spiritual experience for you through Christ or Chocolate Bunnies, I wish you an exemplary day.

Santero is a Spanish word for a carver or painter of saints or other biblical stories. In a fashion, they create pieces of church art that a person may purchase and place in their home. Dianne and I have a couple in our home, but more for the beauty of the art than the spirituality in the saint story.

In Albuquerque and especially when I lived in Taos, I loved to relax in the late afternoon on the open air patio of a pub or cafe, enjoy a beverage with conversation and watch the happy hour parade of low-riders go by. The love and craftsmanship placed into these cars impressed me. The hansom men and attractive women who drove/road in them was wonderful eye-candy as well.

Yesterday was 20 April (4-20), the day of cannabis celebration in many parts of the country. A street fair closed Central Avenue (Route 66 in Albuquerque). Bands played and vendors sold merchandise and food. Once upon a time I would have spent some time at the fair, but my tastes have moved away from that sort of event—a consequence of age. We were in the downtown to see the artwork at a gallery oblivious of the date, but we were there early afternoon before it really got going.

New Mexico has a large poverty and homeless problem. And with that comes an opioid problem. I hope our country chooses the Portugal treatment method over the failed war on drugs method to deal with the problem.

I must stop. It is a glorious morning in Albuquerque and Dianne and I have a walk planned along the Rio Grande. I must away.

Love and Light


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