Voice of God

The voice of God is in the refrigerator,
second shelf, blue lid pint storage container.

It is an echo of God’s voice I captured
while at the Grand Canyon.

I hope to keep it fresh, so I may prove to doubters
that God is a woman—

not Michelangelo’s ceiling fresco image
painted into so many minds of the faithful.

Some may argue I captured the sound
of Pre-Cambrian stones,

but that voice is kept in the quart container with the green lid
in the vegetable bin, next to the beets.

When Dora listened to the voice of God,
she said it reminded her of the lullabies roots sing,

tucking the dead comfortably into the grave,
drunk with recollections of their favorite moments.

I have invited several of you over for tea on Monday
for your thoughts on what you hear inside the blue lid container.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


With all my years of thought on god the creator, I have not come to one firm conclusion. My own beliefs shift a little day to day, though I have narrowed that shifting down. Why does the bible say man was created in god’s image? Who came up with that? Why is it god the father? Why not god the mother? Or god the incorporeal? Why did god stop visiting?

One of my conclusions is that each individual person has their own version of god that forms to meet their individual spiritual needs or outlook. How does the true god differ from our self-made creations labeled god?

Love & Light


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