The decomposing sun
radiates heat you misinterpret as light.
The sunspots are worms
poking their heads out from the corpse.

Might as well curl into a ball on the floor.

The hospital attendant
waits patiently for an answer
to the question on the entry screen
to be filled out entirely.

Might as well walk the Jornada del Muerto.

Nothing here is normal
from the Felix the Cat clock behind the counter
to the Oldenburg knockoff oversized bathroom scale
with a giant thumb adding pounds in the foyer,
to the translucent hot water bottle ceiling
with sharks swimming in circles.

Might as well bite the head off a chocolate Buddha.

Eureka! You remember your smart phone’s calculator operations
and subtract yourself from this scene,
then wonder if this action qualifies
as the self-harm in the hospital attendant’s questionnaire.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


The Jornada del Mueto is an actual place in New Mexico. I have have never walked it. For more information here is a link to the Wikipedia page.

This poem is the surrealist in me at play. If I ever started a weight loss clinic, a massive bathroom scale with disembodied hand thumb pressing down on the scales would be in the foyer.

Oldenburg is a reference to sculptor Claes Oldenburg.

I have bitten the head off a chocolate Buddha. If you have bitten the head off an chocolate Easter Bunny it is the same experience. My chocolate Buddha head was hollow which made biting it off easier. It was dark chocolate, though low quality dark chocolate and barely worth the chewing and swallowing when weighed against the calories and effort to burn them off.

It turns out there are eateries around the world named Chocolate Buddha. I did not know this when I wrote the poem. I wonder if they are a chain? Probably not, but someone else will have to do the research.

Happy Saturday to you.

Love & Light


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