A pregnant Canada goose waddled across my midsection,
laid eggs on my soft belly and sat. I wondered at the commitment
I was about to make lying still until the hatching.

What was the goose doing in my studio?
Who let her in?
Why did the goose think my belly a good nesting site?

I thought, I could hate this in a day or two.
I realized I gave no permission and this was trespassing.
I asked myself why do Canada geese lay eggs in New Mexico?

I knew I needed to practice quiet.
I knew I needed to practice stillness.
I knew I needed to pee.

If there is a goose present, cattails might grow in my studio.
And cattails would attract blackbirds.
I don’t remember why this is important creatively.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Wikipedia on Canada Geese. They are known to lay their eggs in precarious places or out in the open.

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