Year Long Commitment

We plastered Dora’s red door
with magazine letters
so it appeared to be a large
ransom note.

We did not mean to scare
the evangelists who
came to our door
to provide their holy testament.

This art project is our new political ritual.
Daily we post the names of the missing.
Especially native women.
America becomes the land of the disappeared.

We placed an ad in the alternative paper
seeking folks willing to dedicate their doors, too.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


The USA has a problem with people disappearing. Especially women. Most especially native women. The news does not treat like a crisis. They should.

In New Mexico the population is majority minority: Native and Hispanic. People of color disappear more often than white people. I find it harder and harder to think of the US as civilized when disappearance take place regularly, with no uproar from the populace, from the news.

News articles about the disappearance of native women. Aljazeera article. Guardian article. NPR article.

Love & Light


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