No More Questions

My shadow often goes its own way.
Never so long I become a stranger,
but long enough it observes my foolish behavior.
It asked for a raise to supply its services
with the promise it would find other vacancies
if I refused this increased payment.

For my shadow, I am both its entrance and exit
into and from this nonpermanent world.

On those days my shadow
takes a shape other than my own,
it approximates God’s silhouette,
but cannot settle on male or female form.
Or human for that matter.

On the days I am my most zen,
my shadow performs a kaleidoscope of animal shapes.
On those days, I never face the sun
because I am so entranced by my shadow’s transformations.

My shadow promised me
I would understand I achieved divine clarity
when it stretched to the horizon
along the cardinal compass points simultaneously.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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