The hull of the last slave ship
was found on a Mobile River’s shore this morning.

Its sand encrusted beams
carry a painful bitterness in the hold.

Its rusted metal rings
chain the harassing abduction to memory.

Civilized meant something
different back then compared to today.

As did black and white.
Freight. Cargo. One hundred and ten Africans.

As did constitutional respect
fifty-two years after the African slave trade was outlawed.

The descendants now have
corroboration, evidence to confirm family stories.

The descendants now have
validation for Africatown, Alabama.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Clotilda is the name of the last slave ship to sail from Africa to the USA. Its hull was located recently in the banks of the Mobile river north of Mobile, Alabama. National Geographic Article link. Wikipedia Link.

Personally, I am in favor of reparations being paid to African American descendants of slaves. Congress held hearings yesterday. I do not think they went well for my desired outcome.

I think reparations should be paid to Native Americans as well. White America took most the land from them, then broke everyone of the treaties we made. Not very good behavior on our part.

I missed noting yesterday was Juneteenth, the day news of the abolition of slavery reached Texas. Wikipedia.

Have a productive Thursday everyone.

Love & Light


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