Unappealing art
smacks the witness
like a subpoena to testify
in a court case
that proves
the petty injustices
of modern life:
failing landfills,
opioid junky flophouses,
schoolyard bullying,
and the old guard’s
sense of privileged

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


I wish the USA supported art in all its forms more than it does. Vastly more. Even bad art makes a statement. I should not say bad art, because art sometimes is meant to poke you in the eye, to make your skin crawl.

There is a popular type of art my university friends and myself labeled “Hallmark Art”. It was happy, easy art designed for a Hallmark greeting card. It was meant to put the viewer at easy. It was the beer and pizza of art.

Over time I came to realize it has its time and place too and should not be put down.

Art is often used to lift the social conscious. To expand the viewer’s experience.

I would much prefer troubled people to express themselves through art, than through a gun in a robbery or an overdose of a drug habit. This includes the large number of alcoholics, who turn a car into a lethal weapon.

If each hurting person could express their pain and society listened and then acted to fix systemic problems that would be a good thing.

Love & Light


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