When I brought Dora home for the first time,
I instantly knew my house could not contain her.
How could a man-made structure contain a mountain,
contain an ocean, or contain the sky?

Immediately, I felt very small, shaken by her mythic enormity.

Her hand grasped my hand, steadied the dizzy universe,
allowed me a glimpse of this blue earth from the moon.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


I am old enough that I remember the first time color photos of the Earth, the Apollo 8 Earthrise, set within the vastness of space were presented on television. It was a powerful moment. It changed my perception and perspective.

My father was a scientist. I have always liked science and prefer well done science (as opposed to pseudoscience) for determining the truths I cling to. The thing is that with everything that science does explain, I find it deepens my love of the mysteries—the things not explained or not explained yet.

One of those mysteries is that some people seem to be far larger than their bodies. Their presence and their magnetism appear to my perception to be far larger than they can be.

The character Dora that I write about is a character imbued with mythic or magical qualities. In my mind, magic is simply a knowledge I do not possess.

Love & Light


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