Blue As The Darkening Sky

Empty horses.

Storm clouds fold the horizon.

Some old god of native origin
whose name I cannot pronounce
entertains me.

Ghostly buffalo thunder-quakes the ground.

The indifference inflicted upon this land
was guided by American hands
in the European tradition.

This conquest experience is not unique to America.
I fear the day she turns it upon me.

My fearing becomes a subtle prayer
hand-pressed inside each hesitation
to do the fair and just action.

I am not done waiting for Jesus to manifest
in all those people who wear Christianity.

A thunder-voice dares me to hold my breath.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

One thought on “Blue As The Darkening Sky

  1. Great piece. I love the opening line. Something both magical and derelict about the phrase “empty horses…”


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