Sixty-five million people watched
the final episode of fill-in-the-blank.
We are talking the end of a relationship here people.
So fill in the blank with name one and name two.
It ended on social media gone viral.
On a retweet from Beyonce sent her way by a drunk.

Friends divide into enemy camps.
Wars of words flame through followed transmissions.
A hashtag precedes their names and is mentioned by Colbert.
Lawyers salivate in anticipation of fattening their wallets.
I am sure some of you said, Finally.
I am sure others of you wept, not seeing it coming.

I am sure some of you cannot wait to ask one of them out.
Breakup sex. Revenge sex. Recovery sex. Blotto sex.
But not in front of sixty-five million people.
A few hundred knowing you are that shallow is alright,
but sixty-five million—SIXTY-FIVE MILLION!!!

That is an electron microscope on your life.
That is more weight than your shoulders will bear.
That is all your spare time responding or blocking.
That is the moment it comes all the way home to you
a two-month old unthinking tweet and insensitive j-peg
broke the outer layer of their bonds
and began the unraveling.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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