Misery Love Company

A drunk walked oblivious to the approaching skunk.
Neither was in a hurry to get anywhere.
Both of them grieved recently deceased fathers.
Both fathers died by automobile violence.
The moon shone on both of them.
The moonlight through leaves projected fatherly ghosts.
Both their eyes bulged at seeing fatherly ghosts.
Each retreated a few steps.
Midnight came and went unnoticed.
Both their ghost spotting eyes stared at the same location.
The drunk took a hit of his brown bag quart bottle.
Unintentionally, he spilled some beer to the ground.
The skunk lapped it up.
Insomnia abandoned both of them.
They curled up next to each other under a park bench.
Sleep outweighed their grieving dreams.
Their dead father dreams entered a queue for the next night.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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