Lady Liberty

Be sure to return quickly.
Where are you going?
Your original must be returned to its rightful place.
Not some secondary photo-quality duplicate.
Not some artist rendering.
Not wearing a sublime smile after climax.

Straighten up.
Consider yourself an image of hope.
A thousand million children require your view of the sea.
Snapshot. Sand and tide.
Turn the tide with a little help.
You have friends.
You have nested influences.
You wear a smile no one refuses.

That is how often you should flash your perfect teeth.
We ask you to consider only genuine emotions.
Not something from the latest fashion magazine.
Something that dispels this heaviness.
Income inequality’s burden.
The rich expect your smile to mollify the masses.
I request you modify them instead.
Renew their strength.
Rejuvenated, they will storm the Bastille.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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