No Stone Tablets

Dora is the morning sunlight.
She is here with me.
She teaches me lessons so I may graduate.
The lessons are untamed wild things.
I am sweat soaked, exhausted and sunburnt.
I have nicks, sprains, pains, bruises and cuts.

The lessons are all about love.
The love is like Christian love without the dogma.
Love requires more courage than war.

Dora taught me not to set love down.
Not for a single second.
I must carry love into every action I perform each day.
Even simple actions like washing my face.
Or harder actions like looking deeply into my eyes in the mirror.

I am not quite sure how love plays on the baseball field.
Dora drops no hints, no fly balls either.
Love is a trial and error lesson where I must give it a go.

Dora is the evening sunlight.
Her light does not create hope in dark places.
Her light creates confidence in life’s success.

There are no lessons on sacrifice.
There are many lessons on respect.

I feel love strongest in my legs when I walk up the mountain.
The mountain is Dora’s teaching assistant.
It is easy to love in the heady air of the mountain top.
I must carry my learned lessons back to the valley
where people near the river live.

In time I will learn to see the mountain everywhere.
In time I will understand Dora’s burning heart.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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