Everyone flocked about the Madonna
and Christ Child in the Manger.

It was happy hour on Good Friday.
Nobody liked thinking about endings.

So they traveled back in time to the beginning
when the story was much simpler.

It was beautiful in a way.
Several women dressed in their cheerleading outfits

lead the gathering crowd in Christian catchphrases,
but it unsettled the manger animals and the donkey brayed loudly.

The magi’s arrival was a few years off.
Many in the crowd brought cases of cloth diapers.

Others brought soap, washcloths, towels
and portable basins.

The inn keeper did good business,
but the added crowd control expense made it a wash.

The poor collected and sorted the trash.
They marveled at aluminum cans and clear plastic water bottles.

Herod the Great had no trouble locating the new born Messiah
and put him to death shortly after the crowd dispersed.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Okay. I admit it. This idea has been around for a long time ever since the early sci-fi writers explored the potential paradox of time travel. In one story, there were time police to make sure not too many people from the future visited the Christ in the Manger thus drawing attention to him. Wow. I read that a long, long time ago. Glad my memory found that storage unit.

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