Monster Inside You

The monster inside you
loves you like you loved your parents.

He grows as you grow.
Adulthood is scarier than childhood.

He adopts the disguises you wear
and paints the lies you speak in brilliant colors.

The monster inside you
suggests, One more drink for the road.

The monster inside you
dresses intolerance as patriotism.

He stops you from eating your children.
He knows caring for them troubles you far more.

He resides in that closet adjacent to anger.
He happily travels that extra mile labeled too far.

You may conjure his face if you wish.
Hold a mirror to a mirror just so.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

2 thoughts on “Monster Inside You

  1. HI there, I could not “like” this entry, because it seemed so contradictory to me: one verse contradicted the next. Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Keep working on the idea is all I can say…..


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