Lollipop Poverty

All this candy belongs to Russ Bickerstaff.
No. Wait. It belongs to Rich Boucher.
I get the two of them confused and transposed.

Good thing Rich has all this candy.
Russ has kids and not enough money for dental bills.
Since Russ has kids, I assume he has no money for dental bills.

Both are poets.

That should explain my lack-of-money assumptions.
Neither of them qualify for food stamps.
Both of them have to pay Obama Care premiums.

I suspect all of Russ’s candy
was pilfered from his boss’s candy jar.
My suspecting is suspect. I meant to write Rich.

Rich created an internet meme
by stomping thirty-seven hollow chocolate bunnies to shards.
Russ glossed over the meme before reading his kids bedtime stories.

That is the whole and complete intersection between Russ & Rich.
Chocolate bunny destruction digitally stored
on some secret server servicing Youtube attention spans.

Plus, both are poets.

Both are way past the sweetness of childhood.
Both eat blue cotton candy when at the ballpark.
But neither goes to the ballpark.

Both are victors on their regional poetry slam circuits.
Both of them body slam English into matte white pages.
Neither knows where I hid all of the world’s lollipops.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


Rich Boucher has a new book out. All Of This Candy Belongs To Me. The link is to an Albuquerque Bookstore that stocks it, because the Amazon copy says not for resale. I do not know what is going on with that.

The book is like a lot of books by slam poets in that it is much better to hear their poetry than to read it. I have heard most of these poems performed by Rich and I read the book cover to cover.

Russ Bickerstaff is a poet I knew when I lived in Milwaukee. Top flight human being.

Rich Boucher is a poet I first met in Washington DC / Baltimore slam scene, then met again when we both landed in Albuquerque. Rich is a damn good human being as well.

They are both good poets.

I made up the part of the poem that both of them subscribe to Obama Care.

It is true my mind gets them mixed up from time to time. They are about the same height. Both right with wit. But otherwise they are not much alike at all. Silly me.

Love & Light

Kenneth P. Gurney

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