Increased Ratings

Barbie killed herself in her Malibu seaside residence.
The dead from a toxic spill littered the high tide line.
A crew worked in hazmat suits to clean the shore.
They worked unaware of Barbie’s similar indoor condition.

Barbie’s curtains were open and so was the screen.
The crew knew not to look in the windows of the rich and famous.
The crew knew they were supposed to be invisible.
Rainbow oils soaking the sand glinted in the morning sunlight.

Barbie’s position is as though she slid off the couch.
When she died she slid off the couch, so this makes sense.
One ankle is on the upholstery with only three toenails painted.
The red nail polish spilled from the bottle onto the white carpet.

Barbie was discovered later in the day.
The cleaning service found her and called the police.
The police put up bright yellow police tape.
The staticky police tape attracted blond hair strands from the carpet.

Other people around the world who died last night as well
are discovered and investigations begin where appropriate.
Most of those investigations do not have an absence of dolphins.
Most of those investigations do not have spilled nail polish.

Other people around the world who lost loved ones last night
might wonder why Barbie’s death is investigated
with greater effort and with more resources than the toxic spill
that killed millions of ocean creatures.

But this is Barbie! The popular doll in human form.
An icon of America. Of the American fantasy.
This case must be solved to reassure the masses.
Uniformed news sources will speculate for days.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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