My head was flashing
on and off like a light bulb.
I would like to say ideas ignited the filament,
but it was the action of a game.
On when the quarterback got behind center.
Off when the refs blew the whistle.
I did not root for one team over the other.
Was I wrong to root for fluid motion
and the progression of the ball down field?

I sat very still during play.
I noticed the new shadows in the room.
I noticed I did mundane chores in the lull between plays.
The dishes got washed.
The checkbook got balanced.
My broken foot mended a little bit more.

When the game concluded
the winners declared themselves by jumping up and down.
I do not recall the color of their uniforms.

My head turned on and radiated light
the entire post game hour when I read a book.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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