A 6-4-3 double-play of poems.
A smoke screen of poems.
A consequence of poems.
An enrichment of poems.
An exposure of poems.
A sequence of poems.
A conclave of poems.
A laughing of poems
An arousal of poems.
A corsage of poems.
A nesting of poems.
A murder of crows.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


A list poem like this might be indicative of a slow poem writing day or an imagination exercise. In this case no. This poem is three times removed from its starting point. I think three times reduced is a better phrase, since it is about one-third the number of lines it started with and I whittled out (with Dianne’s input) a bunch of lines where I demonstrated my love of my own voice and wit saying things that do not make (or obliquely make) much sense in the eyes of others.

Every good writer needs an editor. The better the editor the better the writing becomes. Do not be afraid of editors or folks who give you input about your writing. In the age of word-processors it is easy to make many variations of a poem without losing your original good (or bad) inspiration.

It takes me a month or two to get far enough away from my original creative spark to look at piece critically. When I submitted work regularly to publications I had to keep this fact in mind and give a poem time to sit around for editing, instead of immediately sending it out for publication.

If you live in the rain soaked part of Texas (the greater Houston area), please stay safe and heed your local officials. My donation to the Red Cross to help out is made.

Love & Light


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