My Happiness

My happiness abandoned vengeance
as its place of residence.

Temporarily it slummed in my eyes
and untitled the sky I gazed upon.

One by one, my happiness tried out each of my limbs
and felt the exhilaration of motion.

My happiness grew with each
expansion and contraction of muscles in action.

In time my happiness realized to reside
in all of my body at once, it must live in my blood.

So, it set up home in my heart
but regularly traveled to my furthest extremities.

Now that my happiness was in my blood
it learned to love all of me.

In learning to love myself, my happiness
began to experience joy when it joined activities with others.

Joyously my happiness learned the words
friends and community.

My happiness began to explore the ether
so it might fill that essence we call soul.

My happiness found many individual souls
and a few communal souls.

My happiness stands at the edge of a leap of faith
to discover the universal soul.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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