Uneven Even

Paul trips on an uneven sidewalk.
Pigeons startle and Scatter.
Instead of hitting the mirror they enter it.

There is no logical reason for a mirror
to be standing in the park.
It is obliged to be an art installation.

Paul looks straight into the mirror
and sees an American Girl Doll.
Obliquely he sees a dancing Fabergé egg.

Paul searches the area for cameras,
technology and special effects devices,
but he locates only a little girl’s giggle.

A janitor in overalls
collects scraps of litter and the mirror.
He wheels his cart away, wherever away is.

Lastly, Paul examines a hole in the ground.
where the grass is thick and thinned.
He lies down and inspects the rabbit tracks leading in.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney


In this poem I am trying to capture a trip and fall that leads to a concussion and passing out on the ground.

The worst concussion I suffered in my life left a two week long blank spot on my memory. It happened at university when a flag football game became a bit rough. During that two week blankness I was told I functioned around campus normally to the point of not missing a single class and getting a B+ on a calculus test. Over the years snippets of that time period have surfaced, but not much.

In the most recent concussion I received (a bicycle wipe out where my helmet and head hit the street curb) I remember this mirror-like silver sheet of light forming in front of my face for an undetermined amount of time. I assume that marks the moment my head connected with the concrete and the seconds or minutes afterward.

Since I am a surrealist at heart that may explain some of the fantastical images that I saw during the early moments of each of the five concussions I have received during my adult life. Why I remember these images when I do not remember other details is a mystery to me.

Since concussions are nasty things to live through, I suggest you avoid them. I understand they are part of the risk of living an athletic and/or adventurous life. So you will decide for yourself how often you put your head in harms way. If you do receive one, err on the side of caution on how quickly you return to active sports and adventures.

Love & Light


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