Three Thrice Multiplied

In the first twenty-seven drafts of this poem
my instinct and subconscious
failed to create a coherent piece
built to encompass the number of people
who sat around King Arthur’s round table
which is twenty-five knights,
one king, and Queen Guinevere.

It is incumbent upon you to understand
that the pagan Merlin did not have a place
at the lore filled Christian table,
even though Arthur was a late adopter
two centuries after Constantine the Great
issued the Edict of Millan.

Some will say I am mistaken
and only thirteen seats
surrounded the empty center place
to represent the Christ
and the Disciples at the last supper,
but my ineffable
stream of consciousness memory
claims the table
was built by the Celtic
ethnic subgroup Bretons
of Devon and Cornwall
for whom three thrice multiplied
was a holy number.

copyright © 2019 Kenneth P. Gurney

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